About Mobliso

About Moblisoshopping cart

Mobliso was founded by the team behind DogTown Media, a group of iOS app developers who identified a major problem in the mobile commerce space. The team was bewildered when one of their apps did not meet revenue expectations and analytics technology on the market only tells half the story. DogTown’s development and marketing team set out to understand “why” conversion rates were low and how to leverage data in order to boost merchandise and in-app purchases sales.

The start-up was born from the team’s need to find out why customers interact with an app the way they do and then take meaningful actions in real-time with that information. Mobliso’s powerful mobile commerce solutions can effectively reduce shopping cart abandonment, boost conversion rates and increase sales.

Who We Are?

Mobliso was founded by a close knit team of iOS app developers and ethical hackers breaking bread and deploying code into the wee hours of the morning, 7 days a week. The company launched in November 2012 and is based in sunny Santa Monica, California.


Marc FischerMarc Fischer:  Co-founder

Marc Fischer Co-founded DogTown Media LLC, a mobile technology start-up in Los Angeles. He is a front-end developer with a business background, graduating Richmond International University in London with a degree in International Business Management. Marc has overseen the design, product development, and marketing of four iOS apps into the iTunes app store, including Dog Boogie a free photo centric network for dog owners.

Rob PopeRob Pope: Co-founder

Rob Pope is an IT security veteran turned app developer. Hailing from the UK and residing in Los Angeles, he has founded two start-ups operating in the IT security space. Both companies were bootstrapped and resulted in successful exits. As the co-founder of DogTown Media, Rob codes for iOS as well as working his magic on server side operations.

Contacting Mobliso

The best way to contact the Mobliso team is via our contact page. Click here to contact us now.