Security Safeguards

mobile commerce security

Deep Security Experience

Mobliso was founded by an engineering team with over 20 years experience in IT security, and is dedicated to ensuring consumer privacy and data security. Our systems were designed from the inception to comply to the highest security standards and are tested on a regular basis to ensure no vulnerabilities have been introduced.

Data Encryption And Storage

The highest safeguards possible have been taken to secure customer data with all exchanges taking place over an encrypted channel. No credit card numbers, card expiration dates, or security codes are ever stored on Mobliso’s servers.

Client Data

Customer data can only be retrieved from our servers using a combination of secure identifiers. No individual or organization has access to any other data than their associated records. No data is stored on the mobile device itself other than a device identifier, which users can remove at any point using a Mobliso enabled application.


Our top priority is ensuring that data and private information is kept secure. We’re happy to talk through any questions or concerns you may have. For a direct line to our security team email

User privacy is taken very seriously and data protection is ensured at every step. Our full privacy policy can be viewed here.